The Vermont Student Assistance Corporation is a public nonprofit state organization that provides education loans to students coming to Vermont for college, and provides Vermont residents with grants, scholarships, and education loans to assist with paying for college almost anywhere. Find out more about how VSAC can help you finance your college education!

VSAC is a public, nonprofit organization that provides:

  • Free career and college planning tools
  • Vermont's 529 college savings plan
  • Grants and scholarships for Vermont students
  • Education loans for Vermont residents attending college anywhere
  • Education loans for all students attending college in Vermont
  • Loan repayment and debt management assistance

The Organization

  • Created by the Vermont Legislature in 1965 as a public, nonprofit corporation
  • Dedicated to providing Vermonters with the information and financial resources they need to pursue education or training beyond high school
  • Committed to offering comprehensive services, grants and scholarships, education loans, and the Vermont Higher Education Investment Plan


  • VSAC
    10 East Allen Street
    PO Box 2000
    Winooski, VT 05404
  • Phone:
    (800) 798-8722
    (802) 655-4050
  • Fax: (802) 654-3765