Vermont, located in the northeastern section of the United States and a part of the New England region, is well-known for its old architecture and cityscapes. Castleton University, which is centuries old and has been delivering numerous courses to students for a long time, is one such example of this historical architectural structure and history.

About Castleton University

Castleton University was founded in 1785, more than two centuries ago, and is recognized by The New England Commission of Higher Education. This university is a public institution located in Castleton, Vermont, from whence it derives its name. The institution provides a variety of undergraduate courses (up to 30) and master’s programmes for students to choose from, primarily in the fields of accounting and education. Every year, almost 2,000 students enrol due to the range of courses available.

A Brief History

Castleton University’s origins can be traced back to 1787 when the Rutland County Grammar School was formed in Castleton Village, which was recognized as an intellectual hub at the time. This was the first move toward higher education in America and a bridge between New England institutions and schools.

The foremost medical college in Vermont was established in this particular community in 1818, with roughly more than a thousand medical degrees, comparatively more than any other med school in Vermont.

The university’s name was never consistent and changed throughout the nineteenth century. Gradually, the institution began a transformation in which it began to give education teaching jobs to students. Castleton University received its current name only in 2015.

Polling Institute of Castleton

Castleton is well-known for more than simply its high-quality education. Rich Clark founded the Castleton Polling Institute in 2012, with the first poll performed in February of that year. Since then, the institute has undertaken more than 30 public opinion and policy polls for various state agencies, media organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

The students at the university are quite athletic, and they play in 28 NCAA Division III varsity sports, with 14 women and 14 men on each team.

More on the College

Castleton University now boasts a total admission of more than 2000 students. The university has about 30 undergraduate programmes and ten graduate programmes. First-year students at the university can gain from the First-Year Seminar programme and Soundings, which provide the finest in music, theatre, dance, and reformed theology for the university.

More on the College

With community work and internships and education, social work, and nursing programmes, the university is intimately involved in the region. Aside from that, the staff and teachers are delighted to collaborate here, and the learners and alumni share that same Spartan enthusiasm (Spartan-nickname of the university, Sparty-Mascot of the University).

To Sum Up

Castleton has indeed maintained its longstanding dedication to Vermont students by providing outstanding education and opportunities for students to realize their obligations in a world community. They have successfully encouraged skills and ability in their students, which they can demonstrate in society and their field of study.


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