Vermont is a district packed with centuries worth of history and lush woods. Still, it is also known for providing people with the opportunity to become businessmen or have some knowledge of the business industry. Champlain College, located in the Burlington area of Vermont, is well regarded for providing superior business education to students.

About Champlain College

Champlain College, with the motto Audeamus, which means “Let us dare,” was founded in 1878, about 144 years ago. It is a private college that offers on-campus and online undergraduate courses via its official website. The list does not end here!

They also provide a master’s programme and various online certificate and degree programmes in over 70 different concept areas. Champlain College students come from 17 countries and 44 states, demonstrating the campus’s diversity, with over 2,000 students enrolled each year.

A Brief History

G.W. Thompson started Champlain College in 1878, not as it is today known but as Burlington Business School. The college was primarily established to equip young men for business and life obligations. However, in 1884, it became coeducational and revised its name to Queen City Business College.

In the 1970s, Champlain College launched some new programmes, such as social service.In 1990, the first undergraduate degree programme in Business and Accounting was created, which later became the country’s first online education programme.

In 2007, the college began to expand its region and created an international campus in Montreal, Canada, and Dublin, Ireland. Champlain College now offers instruction in various fields for students interested in a variety of study topics and business education.

Academic of Champlain College

Academic of Champlain College

On-campus, Champlain serves 29 undergraduate degrees with 15 associate and bachelor’s degrees. If you wish to pursue certification, they have around 25 undergraduate online and offline certifications. It also provides 24 graduate degrees that can be completed on-campus or online.

The institution emphasizes providing an integrative core program in which students can select from various disciplines. The disciplines shift from year to year, with the first year focused on the self, the second on the community, and the third on global issues.

The students are also open to exploring life skill programmes in which they can work practically in career management, financial intelligence, community building, and personality understanding. Champlain College also provides online programmes through Champlain College Online, founded in 1992 as a division of Champlain College.

The institution provides more than 60 online degree programmes that follow the same curriculum as those offered on campus.

The college additionally hosts several sporting events and publishes an international literary magazine, which allows students and professors to share their writing with people worldwide.

Additional Information

Champlain College has three campuses: the Main, Lakeside, and International. The main campus consists of 42 structures, with student living halls housed in refurbished Victorian-era residences. On-campus, there are approximately 750 students and 27 residence halls. Many technological amenities on campus, such as a dark room and a photo-editing facility.

The Lakeside Campus has many technology facilities, including editing and 3D printing. Finally, there are International Campuses in Canada and Ireland.


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