As its name suggests, Landmark College stands out among the 16 colleges in Vermont that are renowned for providing students with a mirror of the real and social environments throughout the world. Whereas all other universities focus on learning typical students who do not have any mental or physical challenges, Landmark College is solely dedicated to educating those diagnosed with learning difficulties, concentration problems, or autism.

About Landmark College

Vermont's education

Landmark College, with the slogan Nosceteipsum, meaning “Know Thyself,” was a great addition to Vermont’s education effort in 1985, offering instruction for people who had difficulty catching up with things and learning easily compared to other typical students. Landmark College, which is certified by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, provides associate’s and bachelor’s degree programmes in liberal arts and sciences. This was also the earliest higher education institution to establish college programs for kids with dyslexia and was ranked the top in the area of most premium colleges.

A Brief History

Windham College, another liberal arts college in Putney, used to occupy the campus on which Landmark College now stands. After being closed, the campus sat vacant, with officials preparing to build a prison there. However, thanks to the efforts of American politician Peter Elliott Shumlin, the idea of Landmark School was accepted and so formed in 1985. Although the college was founded in 1985, it did not begin granting undergraduate degrees until 2012.

The Campus Life

Because the college attracts students from all over the country, more than 90 per cent of the students live on the Landmark College campus. Male students outnumber female students, indicating a wide range of learning difficulties among men.

If a student wishes to enrol in this college, they are not required to take any entrance exams such as the SAT or ACT, which may be required for admission to other colleges. This is also because most students are moved from other colleges as a result of attention and learning problems such as lack of concentration in the classroom or other academically related challenges.

Accommodations range from dormitories to single and double rooms and are well supplied with essential amenities. The college also has its publication and offers students a variety of ways to occupy themselves, such as games, radio, and other print media.

About the Academics

Landmark College provides associate degrees and bachelor’s degrees. A Graduate Certificate in Universal Design is also available for individuals active in the sector of unique learning. In numerous regions of Landmark’s state, Windham, secondary education learners can register in the dual NEASC recognized programs. At the same time, middle school children can engage in a summer programme focusing on Engineering, Technology, Science, and Mathematics.

Additional Details

global design concepts

Students who wish to attend Landmark College must have a standard to above-average intellect and a learning disability such as dyslexia or other related problems. Individual, guided support is available to all academic learners by classroom staff who use global design concepts and incorporate assistive devices elements, personalized instruction, and multi-modal instructional methodologies in their classes.


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